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Mr. Faraidooni is one of the region’s most distinguished visionaries in the property development landscape. His extensive track record has seen him spearheading some of the UAE’s most iconic projects, encompassing luxury real estate, healthcare infrastructure, financial properties, town planning and numerous other roles. Mr. Farhan Faraidooni is the Group CEO and member of the Board of Directors of the Socioeconomic and Environmental Development Corporation, Sidra.

Mr. Faraidooni previously served as the Executive Chairman of Sama Dubai, the international real estate investment and development arm of Dubai Holding, where he led the organization’s strategic global expansion plan. During his tenure in 2007 he was also appointed to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), the region’s first specialized academic institute for real estate studies.

Prior to that and as the CEO of the Executive Design Bureau, he played a pivotal role in the execution of several Dubai landmark projects including Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) which is positioned as the regional hub for the healthcare industry, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and Dubailand.

His earlier appointments included Head of Zoning at the Town Planning Department of Dubai Municipality and Head of Real Estate at the Dubai Technology, E-Commerce and Media Free Zone Authority (TECOM). He was a member of Dubai Healthcare City’s Board of Directors, Jumeirah Group (a world class portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts), the Government of Dubai’s Islamic Minors Affairs and Endowment “Awqaf”, and Al Ahli Sports Club.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Engineering from the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain.
The Socioeconomic & Environmental Development Corporation, Sidra is a Dubai based investment Organization founded in 2005 for the development of value enhancing partnerships in the private arena by bringing niche expertise onto a common socio-economic and environmental platform in order to engage in all aspects related to large scale projects in various sectors spanning from financial services, infrastructure development, agriculture, FMCG, education, household solutions, wellness, etc… The Sidra Group’s organizational and operational structure is an expression of its dynamic and multi-sector investment portfolio. Its unceasingly growing portfolio is a reflection of a continuous pursuit and exploration of new growth platforms in dynamic market economies.

The global financial and economic crisis was a clear indication that there is a need for a fundamental shift in the way success and prosperity are viewed and measured. Despite the clear warning symptoms of chronic ailments inflicted by short-termism, there were continued indications of a focus on short-term financial return optimization at the expense of the long-term detrimental effects to the economies of the world and reining in investments in vital sectors due to uncertainty surrounding the development of international market trends.

In a global community where its members share finite economic and natural resources, collectively suffer the impact of a systematic depletion of the world’s environment and natural reserves, and the consequences of the actions of its members, the approach to economic growth must not be one of exclusivity.

One of the proposed cures to the self-inflicted ailments of the modern economy, where company success is viewed in isolation from the communities where it operates, lies in the concept of shared value where business success is firmly interwoven with social progress. An entire constellation of factors of which, to name a mere few, the growing social awareness of employees and citizens and the increased scarcity of natural resources have led to the threshold of an evolution to an expanded view of shared value which goes beyond CSR and charitable initiatives.

Self-interested behavior within the context of shared value is not denied but appropriately channeled to create economic value inspired by social purpose and a deeper understanding of competition and economic value creation with a focus on generating the right kind of profits. The right kind of profits are those that generate societal benefits rather than prompt their ultimate erosion as a result of societal harms which inevitably raise internal costs. By reconceiving products and markets, redefining productivity in the value chain and enabling local industry cluster development, shared value opportunities can be created.

The concept further recognizes that through the innovative use of new technologies, operating procedures and management approaches, productivity can be enhanced and target markets expanded whilst simultaneously addressing societal harms and maintaining cost controls which is echoed in the “triple bottom line” approach adopted by the Sidra Group.
The following are tangible examples of the Sidra Group’s philosophy permeating across its various subsidiaries demonstrating responsiveness to social needs and challenges thus articulating its “triple bottom line” agenda with a consideration for the environment, external and internal communities, and its customers:

In expanding its strategic business portfolio as the parent company, Sidra is guided by a philosophy of creating shared value unencumbered by the limitations of the foresight of short-termism thus aiming to create a platform across Sidra’s Strategic Business Units (SBU’s) and Shared Services Business Units (SSBU’s) – by which creating economic value for shareholders as well as societies and environments in which it operates are integrated into a “triple bottom line” agenda to establish a truly enduring success. It embraced this philosophy for precisely that purpose thus connecting sustainable company success and economic growth and wealth with social progress in geographies where it operates.

Through its business diversification in the form of horizontal expansion, vertical integration and geographic expansion, the Sidra Group takes on initiatives aimed at articulating its philosophy into tangible initiatives that are closely related to its various areas of business where company and community prosperity are interlinked.

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